Inspired Cooking…

I need to feel inspired to cook, I surround myself with lots of good sources to give me ideas.  I think I have read so many cookbooks that I can just look at a recipe and the ingredients and get an idea if I would like it and how it may turn out. This also makes very good practice when it comes to deciphering restaurant menus!.  Quite often Hubby will look across the table at what I ordered and go “ohhhhh”.

Here are my Top 4  favourite places I go when I have a jaded palate and need to create some fresh new food excitement in my kitchen.

1: DISH Magazine . OH my goodness! I LOVE THIS MAGAZINE!. The best New Zealand food magazine, I have heard people in France are now ordering this magazine online. I have improved my cooking knowledge, technique, skill by cooking and reading these magazines. It also helps the photography is so beautiful it has you salivating right to the kitchen. please go to the website and get a subscription quick. It will be a lifetime subscription I promise you will not be dissapointed.

2: The Library. I am not joking, the library is cool again. Every couple of weeks I loan a selection of cooking books and test and try them out. This is much better than buying an expensive cook book which you cook one recipe from which unfortunately burns in your oven and you never use the damn book again. Try before you buy. If you cook a number of recipes from the book you may want to consider investing in a copy. There have been a few books I have discovered this way I will list them at the end of my post.

3: Food TV, Sky. Ok I admit it I am a food Tv geek. This would only be a complete crime if I watched the cooking programmes and never cooked. It is amazing but you can actually learn quite a lot from cooking demonstrations. With the internet now if a particular recipe looks good I can google it and print it off and have it on the table for dinner. I found my Bill Granger  Tuna Rissotto recipe this way. I have now printed this recipe off and given so many copies away. My sister is so addicted to it every time I ask her, Jess whats for dinner it is this Rissotto.

See the website for the link to this easy recipe. If you have a young family to feed this is great you can assemble and put in the oven for 30min while you do something else. It is very good with tins of flavoured tomatoes eg: Watties indian/mexican/morrocan

I like to serve it with a fresh crunchy salad.

4: Online  You almost do not need to even own a cookbook these days the amount of information and recipes online is vast. Let me save you some time in cyber space and share what sites I find useful. I use this website a lot. I find it very useful in its layout. You can search under a particular ingredient eg:chicken dishes or by your favourite type of food eg:Italian. I never seem to have a enough time to peruse this site. I found this website while I was hunting for a red lentil soup recipe (picture top of post) . Heidi who writes 101 cookbooks is a San Francisco based photographer and cook book writer. She is interested in Whole & Natural vegetarian foods. She has an eye for a beautiful photo and if I ever have only one grain or vegetable  ingredient and am not sure what to cook I can search her site down the left hand side by that ingredient. I would reccomend her red Lentil soup too!.

If none of these work to inspire me I can always rely on my hunger to inspire me back to the kitchen.



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17 responses to “Inspired Cooking…

  1. Tori

    Great post Bons!

  2. Omima

    Bon, I took a good look at this and all I can think -splendid! reads beautifuly and looks amazing.. I will so try the Rissotto..
    btw I finally watched Julia Child’s movie and will give that Beef bourguignon ago after my exam next week. Have you cooked it before? tips?

  3. I’m a cookbook addict myself and know exactly what you mean! I’ve changed my habits in recent years: nowadays, I go hunting for a good product like, say, a nice lamb shoulder FIRST.
    THEN I dive into my cookbook library, looking for inspirations and adventures.
    Anyway, thanks for blogging!

  4. Whats the biggiest disaster you have ever had in the kitchen?

  5. teaandscones

    Thanks so much for coming by for a visit. You are right about the Net, so many great cooks and recipes. I have learned so much about cooking/baking just from foodies here. And such variety.

    And I am about to learn even more from your site. That tuna/risotto looks wonderful!!

  6. I know you will enjoy the risotto it is a great speedy tasty store cupboard stand by!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier. I will take a proper look at yours this weekend when I have more time. This is a great post by the way. Cheers! 🙂

  8. linda

    Hi Bonnie
    I’m a library cookbook addict myself and do what you do…borrow a couple of books a month and just read them…I don’t cook from all of them but they keep my menu more interesting. Gotta love Heidi as well:) Your photos make me hungry…everything looks delicious:)

    • Thanks for looking. My family all give me a hard time and ask me if anyone reads my blog :). The library is great I agree.

      • linda

        Well, you seem to get good comments from what I have seen so I hope that you will keep going. I’m going to try to make the soup you have at the top of this post…it looks delicious!
        I put up the post about how to make yogurt on my blog. Let me know if you make it with my method.It is really very simple. Anyhow, I hope you do keep going. I enjoy the newer blogs more than the tried and true:)

      • Thank you for your encouragement. I will! and I look forward to trying the yoghurt.

  9. Hi Bonfood, I hope you & your family is well. Heard about the Christchurch earthquake and sending you guys good thoughts and prayers.

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