Winter comfort food

Bean Burgers with home made tomato relish

Dish magazine banana butterscotch & date self saucing pudding

Oven Baked fish & tomatoes with a simple green salad and balsamic vinegar dressing.

It feels like we have been dumped into the deep end of winter with little warning, or maybe I got so wrapped up with our glorious autumn weather I did not consider that winter was closing in soon. 

I have started a new career with has been engrossing much of my energy and time. However cooking is still my creative, relaxing outlet. I also love to receive the accolades from my dining partners, I have some  peacock characteristics, like to be in the limelight, centre of attention. What better way than to please your diners.  Those diners consists of baby, hubby, and as of late usually a self invited extended family dinner guest. The fame of my blog means that my home dining room is taking more dinner bookings than Johnny Swass’s Ferry Rd restaurant!. 

This is a small hall of fame photo gallery of some of the meals Josh, Jess & Jem have been enjoying. I have been cooking some sensational recipes from the latest DISH magazine. Please go and get a copy now if you still have not. Please let me know if you would like a particular recipe or leave a comment and let me know what meal you would like to eat when you to to “Restaurant Bonnie Pleasant” 

Stay warm x 

p.s maybe I need to make some mulled wine this weekend. 

Dish magazine Carrot & parsnip soup


North African Lamb & Apricot tagine


Lazy saturday night asian fusion lamb noodle salad


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One response to “Winter comfort food

  1. Tes

    Those dishes look yummy. I love them all. Thanks for sharing.

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