Easy peasy chickpea Tuna lunch

I love how I can surprise myself with new creations like this

I am enjoying the most tastiest scrummiest lunch right this minute and had to share it. I have recently started a new job and am no longer near my favourite lunch cafes…so I headed home it was closer. I popped my VICS pumpkin seed bagel in the toaster to warm it and then began to throw what I had on hand into my small bowl…

1 can of chickpeas – rinsed

1  generous tablespoon of chopped semi dried tomatoes in olive oil

5 big juicy black olives pitted & chopped

squeeze of fresh lemon juice

Freshly cracked black pepper

tablespoon chopped fresh italian parsley from my garden

smallest tin of springwater tuna drained

one teaspoon of mango chutney

mix it all together and pile high onto your bagel (I added a thick spread of my favourite cult classic peanut butter www.reallygood.co.nz beware it is addictive) Nutritious, delicious and fast and easy.

(Jeremy you may need to add this to your repertoire of Tuna lunches)


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