Heirloom Vegetables grown by people that care!

It is so refreshing to meet to meet people who care about the food they sell when it is evident they have obviously grown it with attention, care and love. After the impersonal, depressing, bleak experience which is the commercial supermarket which may I say seems like it is run by corporate accountants and not foodies. I find it my pleasure to visit (and important to support) the fabulous Farmers Markets which have sprung up through out New Zealand. I found this stand with a big sign Heirloom vegetables, for some reason their fresh produce they were selling looked exceptionally  stunning and really stood out even from some of the other organic growers.

Heirloom Vegetables

The growers were two enthusiastic young guys which I assume is a family business. They were extremely knowledgable about everything they were selling and convinced me to buy a spaghetti squash. It looks like a pumpkin but tastes like a melon and looks like spaghetti. I am intrigued I will post some photos once I roast it in the oven!. Sounds bizarre huh?. I would be interested if anyone else has cooked with this before…I need recipes. Apparently they also told me that when onions are really pungent and strong and make you want to cry it means they are old!. New onions are mellow and sweet. This is all news to me…I have yet to find my green thumb. I always say my husband is the gardener and I am the cook!. I am so inspired by the vegetables they were selling I am now even keener to develop my own green thumb!.

Mr Heirloom Gardner (to the left) Assistant (right)


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