Meaning; Fervour, Zest, Enthusiasm…

I think this would be one way to sum up how it is when I get together with my best friend Omima. We finish each others sentences, turn up wearing the same dress, read the same magazines,  love the same interior decoration it goes on and on – we joke we are long lost twins however she was born to a Iraqi Mother and I was born to a Kiwi Mother. When she moved to Auckland 2 years ago we have desperately missed our catch ups!. So we had a big catch up over an honest Italian meal when I visited Auckland recently at Gusto Italian Restaurant in Ponsonby.

Panna Cotta

Omima and I were salivating over the set course meal for $95 but Omima has a good excuse for eyes bigger than our stomachs at 28 weeks pregnant. We reined our appetites in and settled for home made Ravioli and Ragu on flat ribbon pasta and saved space more importantly for these delicious deserts. Long after the desert bowls were licked clean and we were deep in birthing conversation that we realised the restaurant had emptied and I was speaking quite loudly!.

Tiramusu - translates Italian for pick me up!



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2 responses to “Gusto!

  1. Jess

    hehe… yum looks so yum bons 🙂 x

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