Simply delicious hamburgers

It is amazing how you can sometimes come full circle when it comes to food. I have been cooking all these lavish, rich meals, spoiling my man and myself I may add. Then I get the simple craving for a plain hamburger.

I think I am guilty of trying to over-complicate my cooking ALL the time with too many ingredients. So when I was making my home-made hamburger I kept it really basic and simple. Real beef mince seasoned with sea salt and black pepper and shaped into patties. Good melting cheddar cheese, watties tomato sauce, and here was my stand out ingredient – a generous dollop of mashed avocados, mixed salad greens and dill & saffron mayonnaise. The buns must be carefully grilled and hamburgers served immediately in front of the TV of course on a friday night!.

Not the prettiest burger I know, but the avocados and beef patties enveloped in melting cheese, good mayo and a softly toasted bun. The handful of salad greens gives a healthy fresh crunch. These are very good. It is hardly a recipe, so next time you make burgers hold back on adding ALL the ingredients. Pick out a few of your favourites and make them the star!.


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