Kitchen makeover – before and after

I was looking through my old photos and came across these of my kitchen in the midst of a major renovation in 2007. I dont know about you but I do love to see before and after photos of renovations. When you are in the middle of house renovation it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel and it actually being finished. Once it is completed you usually are so exhausted (and poor) by the whole project you usually dont have the energy to really see what you have done.

My kitchen under renovation

The original 1970’s red retro kitchen can just be seen under a thick layer of dust. To help the builder (my husband) get through the work ahead pouring the drink of choice.

It is hard to believe we lived amongst this for the winter of 2007. In future renovations I recommend to self – move out till completed!. Some of the new kitchen cabinetry can be seen under wraps. It was even more dusty in reality, thanks to new plaster, sanding and paint work on all walls and ceilings.

Looking back towards the lounge with all the carpets up it looks so bleak. This is when you must have a vision.

One of the new kitchen cabinets installed, the beginning of the transformation which was about to come underway.

This is the exciting part, the big reveal!. Ta ta da da! The new renovation.

I love to make a home inviting and cosy.

All renovations were so worthwhile to now have this comfortable love nest to enjoy. However we will have to go back through this sometime in the the near future to repair the damage done by all three Christchurch earthquakes over the last 10 months. This time we will be moving out while the work is done.




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4 responses to “Kitchen makeover – before and after

  1. Karen

    Bonnie, fabulous transformation – you must have been so excited to use the new space and appliances; I have the 70’s kitchen similiar to this only with a (very) bright YELLOW tops…and the brown cupboard doors. It is going to be changed soon to something modern; somehow though I think I might miss the ‘sunny’ aspect of the benches…not!
    Enjoying your recipes and photos tonight whilst looking for inspiration online for something ‘different’ for Xmas dinner!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations on finishing it & on a great job

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