Antartic weather calls for warming meals

It has been snowing in Christchurch, New Zealand. This is the first time I can remember snow falling (and settling) on our hill since I have lived here. All this cold weather and productive working days has left me admittingly a disorganised home cook.  No shopping list, no menus prepared, busy days which find me at the end of the day scratching around my cupboard for ingredients to turn into an acceptable meal. On reflection I think I have done ok. Considering I have not made it to my local farmers market for three weeks!.

 I found dried parpadelle flat egg noodle pasta, butternut pumpkin, meaty Portobello mushrooms, Marsala wine, thyme in my garden and cream and whipped together this roasted pumpkin, Marsala mushroom sauce served over al dente parpadelle!. Delicious.

$3.63 mini Chorizo sausage got stretched out into this throw everything that is in the cupboard and fridge pasta, which fed unexpected guests. Chorizo, caramelised maple syrup parsnip, blanched broccoli, toasted pumpkin & sunflower seeds, creamy feta cheese, chicken tenderloin pan-fried & spiral supermarket pasta. We all enjoyed this, it was so moorish.


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  1. Sofia

    Hi! Your food looks delicious! Thanks for your comment. I totally recommend the creme brulee 🙂

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