Cauliflower fritters

It has been hectic working two jobs and at the end of the day whirling together a luscious meal worthy of a career superstar, Mother & Wife. I have standards and even though I have been trying to simplify my mid-week evening cooking, I always end up picking recipes and ideas that take three hours!. Well this amazing little dish I made last night hit all the right taste buds. Again it was from my new Bill Granger cookbook (see my previous post).

I bought a huge 800gram organic Cauliflower from the Mt Pleasant Farmers Market for $2, broke it up into little florets and blanched it for one and a half minutes. It was then coated in this light tempura batter recipe from Bills new book and thrown into shallow hot olive oil so it went all light and crispy. It smelled amazing too. It reminded my of fish and chips, except this was like cauliflower and cauliflower. I made little mini soft lettuce leaf and Cauliflower tacos, with a squeeze of lemon juice and freshly chopped coriander. I ate so much of this last night I can now say you can get FULL eating Cauliflower. By the way the photo below was shared with two hungry men, just in case you thought I ate the 800 gram whole plate of cauli all by myself. I wanted to but had to share it. It was so so good. It would be perfect as a pre dinner snack with a cold beer on a hot summer evening. If you would like the recipe get the book or email me and I will post it online. 🙂


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