So many recipes to cook and not enough time

So many recipes to try and so little time. This is my current cooking wish list which I will cook over the next month.

Baked okra – I spent some time in  Nepal and India where these are very popular stewed into a soft glutinous curry. I really enjoyed eating this little vegetable also known as ladies finger. I have seen piles of these lately at the Durham St North Indian supermarket and Funky pumpkin on Colombo St. My new Tessa Kiros cook book – Food from many Greek kitchens has alovely looking recipe for Baked Tomato and Okra. I plan to add some browned chicken pieces and make  a complete meal with plain steamed rice.

Fresh mussels in their shells – It seems ridiculous living on a small Island surrounded by the sea that I have never attempted to steam my own mussels. I adore shellfish. I am going to make a mussels in their shells with a tomato, garlic & saffron broth and plan to mop all the juices up with crusty warm bread. I have done my homework and it sounds like it will be quickie dinner – 5 minutes prep, 5 minutes steam and done.

Fresh squid – We have been having unsually warm weather this week 18-20 degrees and it is making me crave the ocean. If I can not swim in it I want to eat everything from the sea. I am sure you have had the overcooked rubbery squid experience like me and then tasted it when it has been perfectly tender cooked. Annabel Langbein tells me in her new cook book The free range cook, the trick is to cook it fast and furious!. They have whole wierd looking squid at Pak n Save for $9.99 a kilo. This is cheap food people!.

Poached fish with lemon oil – After so many heavy, rich winter çomfort meals I desire the clean, fresh taste of simple vegetable and fish dishes like this one. I can not wait to make this, a Tessa Kiros recipe again.

fisherman’s soup – If the steamed mussels and poached fish go well I may have to back up the whole seafood month with this combo dish. A modern bouillabaisse. I am sure you know the story, a famous mediterranean fishermans soup.

Rabbit stew – I have never eaten or cooked rabbit, the closest I have gotten too rabbit is running one over – it was terrible. I have seen a few recipes lately in my dish magazine for rabbit. Finally I have found a source to buy from  in Halswell to save me having to find one in the fields myself. I will let you know how I get on.

A Whole fish baked – All my favourite cooks tell me it is super easy to cook a whole fish. I have always been put off by the prospect of the bones!. Last time I ate fish cooked on the bone I was nine and managed to get a big bone caught in my throat!. I tried everything to dislodge it, dry bread, milk, water. Finally it dislodged on it own after many hours. apparently vinegar in water works as it is acidic and dissolves it.

Wild greens pie – I am so lucky I can buy the most glorious looking greens from my local farmers market. I love the idea of buckets of well-flavoured wilted greens  enclosed in home-made flaky pastry.

Leek and parmesan tart – My sweet husband bought me some a gift of spray free leeks yesterday so I must use them quickly and I though I would make this tart once again. Perfect for a light supper with a well dressed green salad.

Goat cheese and spinach souffles – I finally invested in a perfect set of Le Cruseut blue ramekins so I can practice my souffle and brulee making skills!.



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4 responses to “So many recipes to cook and not enough time

  1. Wow! That is quite a list! It seems at this time it’s not as much what I plan to cook but what is ready in our small garden! Either way works though! Happy cooking this month!

    • Thanks for visiting. I would love to have a small garden myself. We have a lovely herb garden and have just planted out some garlic and chard. I guess it is a start.

  2. Your list of meals sound so good, especially a pie of greens. What a great idea.

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