Beautiful hotel restaurant interiors

Qt Hotel, Surfers paradise nondescript facade makes what is inside all the more exciting. I was pleasantly surprised stepping into the vibrant entrance lobby, an exciting welcome to the Gold Coasts newest hotel culture. I was so inspired by the beautiful interiors and quirky pop fun style evident.

I soaked up the peaceful mid afternoon atmosphere at FIXX cafe adjacent to the lobby. A shiny Red velvet cupcake adorned in icing was so good my daughter gobbled it all and I had to order a second one to go with my coffee.

Tourism is apparently down in Queensland so it was extra quiet and we enjoyed the cafe all to ourselves.

The QT hotel also has an incredible restaurant concept in dining upstairs at BAZAAR. I had a look around during the early afternoon chef prep session. The interior reflects a cool seaside feeling with washed oak tables, greens, glass and warm timber. I found it  utterly captivating and beautiful. I would love to know who was engaged for the interior design. If I ever owned a restaurant this would be my dream.

I love the mix of materials. I am a major fan of bookshelves which make it feel very homely yet sophisticated.

If I was not in tow of a three-year old I would have been heading down in my LBD & heels after dark to sip a cocktail at STINGRAY BAR, also at QT Hotel.

If you were still hungry you could dine at Yamagen japanese restaurant and I would imagine you may need to laze it away after that at the Lawn bar.

I spotted some guests sunning Hollywood-esque style next to the pool which was as gorgeous. I am already planning my next trip back to the Gold Coast and will be booking straight in at



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2 responses to “Beautiful hotel restaurant interiors

  1. What a great looking hotel…I love all the color.

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