Kitchen Dreams

This is my dream kitchen, my new dream….kitchen.

Ok it may be only in my imagination right now. I am a big believer; visualise it and you can have it – easy. Well easy not always, however I can testify with hard work, discipline and self belief wonderful things happen. A purpose built home kitchen with thoughtfully planned cupboard space for everything imaginable. I am constantly dreaming of a walk in butlers pantry full of my preserves, a beautiful aga style oven and lots of granite bench tops, white cabinetry contrasted with black laquered cupboards and delightful antique/industrial lighting, white painted tounge and grove ceilings with exposed painted beams.   I have decided to start my kitchen journal of what I want in the kitchen of my dreams that my husband Greg is going to build for me in our new home. He tells me it will be his pleasure.

 I adore the scalloped edged, patterned fabric on the roman blind – stunning.  A visual treat and compliments the warmth of the timber joinery, painted cupboards, stainless steel appliances (how insane is this rangehood) with the luxurious use of granite bench tops. Who would think all these materials would harmonise so perfectly together. Love, love, love this look. And I am still in love with kitchen islands. There is nothing better than how friends and family naturally gather around the island to talk and eat.

Another praise worthy island from the Tasmanian cooking school which speaking of having dreams, I hope to visit one day very soon. I just look at this photo and desire to get cooking. Wood fired pizza anyone?

Kitchen furniture as cabinetry, so pretty. How amazing would this granite island be to roll out  pastry or knead bread on.

After living on the hill with a wonderful kitchen view for the past 9 years I must say windows, an outlook and lots of light are very appealing in my ideal kitchen and certainly something worth insisting on. How lovely are these light fittings….ahhh…sigh.

And these lights are as divine. Bar stools get a big tick from me, my 3-year-old daughter likes swinging off ours. Deep butlers ceramic sinks and vintage looking tap ware add to the overall effect. I must ensure I have the high stud ceilings to incorporate this high cupboard look. Lets not forget the shuttered kitchen window. I could write a whole page on my love affair with shutters. The ivoke romanticism and cosiness.  Tiles; tiny slate grey or duck egg blue coloured mosaic tiles, traditional small envelope size white hospital style tiles and vintage weathered french style tiles. I must have tiles in my kitchen to really get my dream look.

I am the daughter of a serious collector of all things antique & vintage, Mum has always had a lovely collection of antique seagrass cane baskets. Consequently I have a very soft spot for them also. They give your kitchen a down to earth homeliness, they are also so practical as the dreaded hidden junk draw that every one has and no one likes to admit. I could see my stash of dirt covered agria potatoes and onions stored away in a pretty cane basket drawer. Exposed shelves for displaying all those equisite plate cakes and stands, this works for me.

My new kitchen will not be entirely complete without another place to display my love of fabrics. I need some kind of window seat preferably in a sunny spot to take a seat or a sneaky nap while I wait for my cake to bake and read the paper or catch up with my sisters on the phone while I day-dream out the window. A set of french doors is compulsory adjoining the living room or to shut off the kitchen (cooking smells) is highly desirable. They look so lovely open like this too.

So many styles to choose from, I love the curved window seats, small telephone seats and window seats with dining tables for the whole family. Drawers underneath can double as storage. Cushions, glorious cushions – my friend Omima and I do have a little bit of an obession with buying cushions. A window seat in my kitchen could be another spot to display those new cushion purchases.

Black joinery in the image above, what a striking contrast with the neutrals.

 Ticking stripes, black and white…tick tick tick. Anything white and black in a kitchen gets my vote of approval.

Ok here is the winner –  The Bonnie cosy nook window seat for cuddling, reading cookbooks and resting from all that cooking.

I look forward to publishing my first post on the new kitchen.

What would be your dream kitchen readers?



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3 responses to “Kitchen Dreams

  1. Your dream kitchen will be amazing if you combine different parts from each photo. I have been fortunate to have designed several of my kitchens and it was a lot of fun. I have had several white kitchens and loved them. Now that I live in a 1730 house the kitchen is red (at least the walls).

  2. Look at all the space to prepare food, pastries, cakes, food and more food. If I had a kitchen like that I just wouldn’t get lost in cooking my recipes…I would also just get lost in all that space. 🙂

  3. Oh, my, I’m in love with several kitchens! 🙂

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