The sunday loaf

Sunday lunch sounds so romantic and plain pleasurable. It excites me with nostalgia to lay my vintage embroidered table cloth, cut the loaf, set the cheese and toss salad for my family to help themselves too. A ”just baked this morning loaf” of Maori flax seed bread, locally smoked Gouda goats cheese, a tin of the best quality marinated mackerel, and a salad of rocket, avocado and sweet cherry tomatoes, lightly dressed in vinaigrette. My best childhood memories are of buying a hot cheese loaf of bread at the bakery after church on Sunday. Mum would nearly always invite a family back for lunch and the table would be lay-ed. I loved all the different dishes to choose from and construct my sandwich, listening and participating in the good conversation and laughter around the table. Lets bring back the unhurried sunday lunch, I love creating this family culture for my daughters. It is the antithesis of our fast eating world.



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  1. Family dinners always bring back such wonderful memories for me too. A Sunday dinner was the special dinner of the week.

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