Creamy Pain Perdu with strawberries

Just when everyone is trying to eat themselves slim and stick to their New Years resolutions, I am doing neither. Instead I am enjoying today’s freshly picked organic strawberries with eggy French toast or sometimes known as gypsy bread. Though looking at this gorgeous plate of food I am not sure this conjures up gypsy food?. So french it is, Pain Perdu, usually made from yesterday’s bread. I took Diana Henry (celebrated food writer) lead and made my pain Perdu with brioche.

Recipe Pain Perdu
Ingredients and instructions:
2 eggs, 1 egg yolk, 2 tablespoons caster sugar, 150 mls cream. Beat this together in a shallow bowl or dish.

8 slices of brioche, cut in half. Lay them in the eggy mixture for 5 minutes. Melt a knob of butter in. Frying pan and fry the brioche until they Are golden. Set aside to drain on paper towels. Serve with whipped cream, icing sugar and sliced strawberries.





January 10, 2014 · 12:12 PM

3 responses to “Creamy Pain Perdu with strawberries

  1. Looks absolutely lovely!!!!

  2. This is tasty. I tried the recipe and it came out excellent. Thanks for the amazing dish.

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