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Simply delicious hamburgers

It is amazing how you can sometimes come full circle when it comes to food. I have been cooking all these lavish, rich meals, spoiling my man and myself I may add. Then I get the simple craving for a plain hamburger.

I think I am guilty of trying to over-complicate my cooking ALL the time with too many ingredients. So when I was making my home-made hamburger I kept it really basic and simple. Real beef mince seasoned with sea salt and black pepper and shaped into patties. Good melting cheddar cheese, watties tomato sauce, and here was my stand out ingredient – a generous dollop of mashed avocados, mixed salad greens and dill & saffron mayonnaise. The buns must be carefully grilled and hamburgers served immediately in front of the TV of course on a friday night!.

Not the prettiest burger I know, but the avocados and beef patties enveloped in melting cheese, good mayo and a softly toasted bun. The handful of salad greens gives a healthy fresh crunch. These are very good. It is hardly a recipe, so next time you make burgers hold back on adding ALL the ingredients. Pick out a few of your favourites and make them the star!.


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Fish parcels for a little kitten

Motherhood tea time schedule

Five min  Mummy prep – 12 min Bake in a hot oven – 18 minutes for my kitten to eat her dinner….

A : Place one small handful of cooked Soba noodles in the middle of the shiny tin foil.

B : Sprinkle some sweet freshly podded garden peas, torn basil  & tuck two summer asparagus spears into the curly noodles.

C : Lay little kitten size sole fillet on top of soba noodles & veggies.

D: Sprinkle Sea salt, lie down to rest sliced  REAL lemon & complete with three juicy cherry tomatoes.

Wrap tight and place on oven tray in Hot oven.


Fish parcel for my toddler aka kitten



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Curry in a Hurry

Oh this is so easy I promise you, it has no grinding of spices (or at least I didn’t), no time-consuming prep. This is the most definitely a late home from work Simple Massaman Chicken curry in a hurry. It is lovely and sweet with the sweet potato, sweet creamy coconut milk and tender chicken pieces. A satisfying tasty mid-week meal. Oh and did I say easy. This complicated cook loves to have an easy dinner task a few nights of the week. Enjoy. 

Recipe –  Simple Massaman Chicken  

Shopping list: 400gm chicken tenderloin, massaman curry paste, 400 ml can coconut cream, one kumara, few handfuls baby spinach, one onion, fish sauce, soft brown sugar,  nuts. 

1:  You will need one secret ingredient. A jar of good quality Massaman curry paste. I used Valcom from my Asian food warehouse. Heat 1 tablespoons of massaman curry paste tablespoon or more to your liking in oil in a pan over low heat until fragrant. 

  2: You will also need approx 400 gm  chicken tenderloin chopped into chunks, I find these are so tender when cooked like this. Add this to the curry paste in the pan and cook till it changes from pink to white over a high heat. 

 3: You will also need to peel and chop into cubes a golden kumara.  Add this to the pan with the coconut cream, 2 tbsp fish sauce and 2 tbsp brown sugar to balance the flavours. Also add one onion chopped into chunks. Simmer for 10 minutes. Stir through spinach. 

4: Serve over rice with tamari roasted almonds or peanuts sprinkled. 

Curry in a Hurry


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Hot Decadence Caramelised Bananas

Caramelised Bananas with Vanilla Ice cream


I have just had mouthful after mouthful of delicious Caramelised bananas. So good.   

Think hot gooey home-made caramel sauce with warm banana and a thick slice of vanilla ice cream on top. 

It looks so simple, which it was to make. 

I had the I am still not satisfied after dinner feeling and feel like a treat… 

What will I make…my cupboards and fridge was looking sad. 

I have a bottle of cream, a few bananas, a tiny wee bit of butter, caster sugar, brown sugar & a splash of water. 

To make: Heat butter in large frying pan: add sugars and the water. Stir over heat, without boiling, until sugar dissolves: stir in cream. Bring to the boil; add banana sliced lengthwise, stir gently to coat in caramel. 

To serve: Served with ice cream…so enjoyable! 

I had to share this – let me know what you think? 

Bonnie x


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Rainy Day Watercress Simple Sandwich

Its raining it’s pouring the old man is snoring…I have been stuck in side with a 14 month old baby for too many days. Southerly winds and driving rain is running down my window panes. I was planning to make a twice baked watercress souffle from Sophie Grigsons cook book – The definitive guide to delicious cooking & eating vegetables. I got my Little river grown fresh watercress from the fridge ready and waiting while I started to prepare my ingredients.One major problem I only had one egg left!.   So I flagged that idea and with the inspiration from Sophie Grigson describing her “british childhood suppers of first class white bread with salty butter and packed full of watercress” decided I would make a simple watercress sandwich. 

As it is cold and rainy I couldn’t have a cold sandwich, so I fried my solitary egg, toasted my honey vienna bread and added a big pile of watercress, halved cherry tomatoes and added a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, olive oil and pinch of sea salt.  It was actually delicious, ok I know this is not cooking…more assembly, however I do recommend.  

Watercress & Egg SandwhichWarm buttercup pumpkin, bacon & tomato autumn salad


Rocket has now been bumped from no 1 spot for my winter salad green and watercress is now the winner!.  Here are some simple facts you may not of known about watercress:

Taste & texture: Peppery taste, crisp stem & soft leaves. It puts up well with being used in a warm salad or as a cushion for other ingredients.

Nutritional benefits: Watercress is part of the cabbage family with anti cancer properties and can boast it has more iron than spinach. It is a very good source of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, D & E, (basically the whole alphabet) fiber, folic acid, iodine, iron, copper, and calcium . They also provide an excellent source of manganese, sulfur, protein, and carotene.  It stimulates the appetite and boosts your energy!.
From this list I am sure you are sold on watercress now also!. I use to live in Oxford, North Canterbury and remember seeing it growing wild on the bank of the stream. It really is a beautiful green!. Keep your eye out for it at the farmers market.
The Home Cookie x

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Busy Mothers Day Dinner!

I have to confess I have been feeling very lazy the last week and have been exploring recipes using my slow cooker. I live in Christchurch and this week there has been a slight nip in the air, hence the stew. There a quite a few advantages for using a slow cooker. I can cut, chop and assemble the meal in the morning turn the button on low and  then do absolutely nothing to it (maybe a quick stir) let it do its thing for 8-9 hours. With a one year old it is fantastic I can sneak a bit of the meal at 5.30pm to feed to Lucia and then finish getting her ready for bed and then we have ours at 7pm. The smell when you arrive home is fabulous, slow cooked meat & veges cooked in red wine & fresh herbs, It is like having your absentee Grandma cook you a hot senior citizen casserole.  

My slow cooker on my kitchen bench


My husband went through a stage where every time I sent him to the supermarket to buy a few things sugar, milk etc he would come home with random impulse purchases. I am talking about household goods and appliances on sale at Woolworth’s supermarket!. They all had the same things in common, they were fairly cheap imports from China which were badly made. Firstly he came home with a microwave.  Shortly after owning it the light stopped working and the tray stopped spinning at that point I thought it was a health hazard and retired it to the shed in the garden .It has put me off microwaves forever. Next he came home with an electric guitar!, this I made him promptly return. Next time he came home with  the slow cooker and it only cost him about $40 yet I have had so much use from it over the last 4 years!.  So my point is these are not expensive and probably a worthwhile kitchen appliance to own, especially for lazy or “smart” cooks.
Recently I got up at 3am in the morning to put on some porridge for us, the cinnamon made it really sweet tasting without the need to add too much sugar. This is the most tasty, nutritious porridge ever. I found the recipe in a Annabel White recipe book for Healthy Eating. If you’re wondering why you would go to all this effort. well firstly it takes about 3 minutes to prep. Then when you wake up on that cold autumn morning and enter your kitchen to the smell of cinnamon and all you need to do it fill your bowl and add dollops of creamy yoghurt. You need to make sure it is the best yogurt in New Zealand  http://www.piakoyoghurt.co.nz/ You can buy this yogurt from Petrinis in Ferrymead or New World in Redcliffs. You could put your slow cooker on a timer to switch on. It takes about 3-4 hours on high. I believe every slow cooker is slightly different you will get a feel for how hot yours is the more you cook in it.
Slow cooker Cinnamon & fruit Porridge
1 Cup of rolled Oats
2 Cups Milk
1/4 cup dried fruit eg:sultanas, apricots
1 Teaspoon or cinnamon
1/4 Tsp salt
This week I have been really been enjoying Chicken or Turkey Stew. This is the recipe I have been using quite successfully. This meal is a bit like an old-fashioned classic kiwi dinner…. Meat and 3 vege!. I like serving it over steamed rice but you could have it over couscous or just on its own with some crusty buttered bread to mop up the juices.
3-4 Potatoes peeled and cut into chunks
1-2 Kumara peeled and cut into chunks
3 carrots peeled and cut into chunks
850gm-1kg Chicken, Turkey Thighs (free range is the best, email me if you are unsure where to buy and I will advise)
Lamb and Pork work well too
1 onion peeled and finely chopped (for really “smart cooks” you can chop this finely in your food processor)
2-3 fresh cloves of garlic finely chopped or minced
2-3 tbsp fresh herbs rosemary,parsley or thyme
 (if you don’t have herbs growing in your garden, get some from the roadside)
salt and pepper to taste
410 g tin of Campbell’s condensed  cream of chicken soup
A slurp of red wine
1:Place first three ingredients in slow cooker first, then add onion and garlic.
2:place meat on top and the remaining ingredients.

Chicken Stew


How easy is this! I hope you give it a try to let me know what you think.

And Chicken Stew another night with steamed spinach


Ok I admit this is not quite restaurant fare but real earnest home cooking and still it ticks all the boxes for good general nutrition. The veg, carb & meat box!. I also recommend a glass of red wine to enjoy with it!.
These are only two examples of things you can do with your slow cooker, it really is endless.
Maybe you should give yourself the night off cooking for Mothers Day and why don’t you pop your slow cooker on in the morning and enjoy this recipe!. 

Lucia & Mummy

It has been thirteen months and 6 days since I become a mother and it is the busiest yet rewarding job in the world!. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL THE HARD WORKING MUMS!
Bonnie Brown x


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